Revised Logo

"There's a new oil in town, and it's not from fossil fuel. It's called VERTE-X, ideal for use as an industrial fuel. After intense R&D in the last one year, and working with state-of-the-art technology, our team at Paterson Energy created the product using a Thermo Chemical Depolymerisation process.

In simple terms, we convert plastic waste into vapour. When cooled and condensed, the result is a high-grade diesel variant of industrial fuel with almost zero sulphur. ‘Verte’ in French means green, and the name was chosen to reflect our zero-effluent, zero-emission process.

The alphabet X stands for multiple applications of the oil – in generators, cement kilns, furnaces, boilers or any plant requiring heat or electricity. Trial production is underway at our plants in Chennai and Mathura. Commercial launch will commence soon, hence please treat this as a heads-up."