We help you put Trash in its place.


Bin-Go, an initiative of Paterson Energy, acts as an enabler for major recyclers across Chennai by achieving efficiency at source (i.e your home). We educate larger societies on segregation at source and provide logistic support to the recyclers. Bin-Go has partnered with some of the largest Integrated Apartment complexes in and around Chennai to help them solve their dry waste management problems through simple, sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

We Pick Everything

Bin-Go has a "Leave No Waste Behind" policy. Unlike other players, we are not choosy, we don't just pick up the valuable ones and leave behind the residual waste. Ours is a wholesome solution.

Customized Pick-up Schedules

The Plastic Thermochemical Depolymerization plants set-up by us are efficient as any energy that is let out from the process is duly captured and routed back into the system as heating agents.

Awareness and Education

Our aim is to bring about a change in society by keeping our households clean. We can run awareness campaigns and seminars on waste management.

Waste Management Feedback

You could bring us in to survey your premises and suggest you the best waste management mechanism possible and employ the same right away.


Bin-Go specializes in the collection and handling of various types of dry waste originating at your home and recycling them responsibly through our partners.

Waste goes through us and vanishes

We make sure waste meets its end by properly channelizing it to proper recyclers and not the intermediaries who scavenge and throw the rest in landfills.

We aim for Behavioral Change in Society

Our aim @Paterson Energy is always "PROFIT WITH A PURPOSE". We aim to bring in the discipline of proper disposal of waste. The viability of our business is a byproduct of bringing in this change.

With us, Plastic waste is extinguished from this world

Most of the plastic waste that we take in are routed to our Waste to Fuel Plant and is completely extinguished and brought back into the society as Fuel Oil.


We have put up the best from the many we got.


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